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5 Things I Hate About YouTube Fitness

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5 Things I Hate About YouTube Fitness

There’s a lot of great online muscle building and fat burning content out there in the fitness YouTube community, and it can be an incredible tool to help you reach your goals, but you need to make sure you’re using it properly, because there are definitely some downsides.

1. Misinformation

A huge amount of misleading information gets put out every single day, much of which isn’t based on any real science or logic.

Many people assume that just because a particular fitness YouTuber has an impressive physique or a big following that they must know what they’re talking about, when in reality, some of the people with the most insane physiques routinely give out the most insane advice.

Information should be valued based on its own merit ad not the appearance of the person delivering it.

Think critically, stay skeptical, learn from a variety of bodybuilding and fitness sources and don’t automatically assume that everything you’re told is true.

2. Over-complication

With the massive volume of content that is uploaded in the YouTube fitness space every single day, a lot of people end up putting out unnecessarily complicated information just to stand out and seem unique.

But just because a certain training program, exercise variation, diet or supplement seems fancier and more elaborate doesn’t mean it’s going to get you better muscle building and fat burning results.

Don’t make things more complicated than they need to be to reach your desired goal. Stay focused on the core fundamentals, as they will always be responsible for the vast majority of your results.

3. Over-hyped products

There are a ton of low-quality training programs, coaching services, supplements and training gadgets being promoted out there nowadays.

For many YouTube fitness channels, this is ultimately a business platform. There is nothing inherently wrong with that, and I promote my Body Transformation Blueprint program and RealScience Athletics products as well, which I genuinely believe in.

However, too many people give advice simply based on what will sell the most product rather than what will help their subscribers out in the most effective way.

Keep in mind that a YouTube fitness channel with a large following isn’t necessarily giving accurate advice all of the time, and someone in impressive shape isn’t necessarily recommending products worth buying.

So once again - stay skeptical, do your research, and don’t assume everyone has your best interests at heart.

4. Negativity in the comments

I'm fortunate that my comment section is a fairly positive place overall, but in the general fitness YouTube population, there’s a lot of pretty harsh commenting, and the negativity and trolling can get pretty out of hand sometimes.

A lot of people are so heavily emotionally invested in their individual training and diet plan that if anyone presents an opposing viewpoint, they feel personally attacked and react harshly, probably in a way that they never would in real life. Other people who are insecure or unhappy may use the comment section to troll or to express their own pain.

5. YouTube fitness drama

Constructive criticism and healthy debates are necessary to make sure the best information is being put out, but personal attacks between different YouTube fitness channels just to get views aren’t productive.

If you watch a lot of these types of videos, I recommend taking a step back and evaluating how much time you’re spending on them. There are probably better and more useful things you could be doing instead.

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