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Jeremy Scott Fitness Instagram Video-Fix Your Pushups 101

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Doing “correct” push-ups is tough for most people….. On average it is harder for men than it is for women (not always) but generally speaking on average.
Doing PERFECT push-ups for multiple reps is very difficult for both men & women.
So, we went a ahead and made a quick “Push Up Fix) video to walk you through how you can practice getting better at push-ups at home, at the gym, on the road and just about anywhere.
By slowing down, and using these cues daily when doing push-ups you will:

Become upper body strong

Build better arms (triceps & shoulders)

Better chest development

Stronger overall core (abs & low back)

Just to name a few benefits…

Give these tips a shot, work on them everyday for the next 30 days – dedicate just 5-10 minutes per day slowing down not focusing on speed or reps – but just on form and I can promise you in a month it’s a huge game changer. Any questions or comments tag

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