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Mukti Murder Thriller Short Film | Nashik | VIV Films

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A story based on the competitive exams, the stress associated with it, and how it explodes out in a violent manner.
Ashvat, a 19-year-old guy who is preparing for JEE Advanced, one of the most competitive engineering exams in our country, is stressed out enough already due to peer pressure and the burden of taking a drop year for getting a rank in IIT.
He is accompanied by Chirag, his senior and friend who takes Ashvat to the exam centre in his car. Soon enough, they are met by a tragic incident.

To know what unfolds, Watch the movie.

This movie surrounds arounds anxiety, depression, suicidal thoughts, and moreover how to deal with it.
Also it explains, how any exam is just another opportunity in life and that there are many more opportunities out there even if you fail in one.

"Mukti" credits:
Directed by: Vivek Sanap
Edited by: Rachit Rawal
Written by: Atharva Tembhekar and Vivek Sanap
Cinematographers: Shubham Ghamandi, Aditya Patil, Abhijeet Pokharkar
Cast: Dinesh Shitole (Chirag), Vivek Sanap (Ashvat), Atharva Tembhekar (Pratik)

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