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Thriller Movie Hidden Gems On Netflix You Need To See | Netflix

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Typically when you hang out on your couch at home and put on a movie, you're trying to unwind. But what if you want to get your heart pumping and work up a sweat, but you don't want to, y'know, exercise? There's really only one solution: queue up a pulse-pounding thriller, sit back, and don't relax. Here are some hidden gems that have enough thrills to replace leg day at the gym.

Nikolaj Coster-Waldau has a talent for playing bad guys with tortured hearts. In Shot Caller, he plays a man who's struggling to walk the line between good and evil.

Married father Jacob Harlon lands himself behind bars after drunkenly running a red light and accidentally causing the death of his pal Tom in the back seat. In order to survive prison life, Harlon gets violent, rising in the ranks of one of the prison's bloodthirsty gangs.

When Harlon finally gets paroled two years before his sentence is up, he's a totally different man. What's more, he's forced to stay one step ahead of the ruthless gang leader who's threatened his ex-wife and son in exchange for Harlon's loyalty outside the joint. The result is a dark, gritty film that'll keep you feeling the tension right up until the final frame.

Shot Caller | 0:00
Blue Ruin | 1:04
Connected | 1:58
Bad Day for the Cut | 2:42
The Invitation | 3:25
The Oath | 4:14
Sweet Virginia | 4:51
Every Time I Die | 5:32

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Thriller Movie Hidden Gems On Netflix You Need To See | Netflix

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